Pump station solves chronic flooding, boosts quality of life in Semarang, Indonesia



The Indonesian city of Semarang used to suffer from massive flooding. Located at seaside, part of the city is under high-tide level. During heavy rainfall and high tides, uncontrollable water masses wreaked havoc on people’s homes and lives. The city has built a strong, unique solution with Grundfos to shelter its citizens from the floods. Since it was commissioned in 2014, it has kept flooding out of the affected river basins and city centre, increasing the quality of living – and property values – for citizens.



三宝垄平躺在爪哇北部费用。关于城市的三分之一是在高潮位,海洋在一边和周围的所有其他各方的城山色。总面积约13平方公里。热带雨林气候,使得它在该国降雨量最多的地区之一 - 尤其是在涨潮。

The mix of high tide and rain was the worst, says Joko Rusmani, Consultant, Ministry For Public Works and Housing in Indonesia.

“When high tide occurred during the rainy season, water that was supposed to flow to the sea was blocked by the high tide, causing it to flow back and flood residential areas. It was a chronic problem.”



A new pumping station is changing that.



The project team sealed off the estuaries of the two main affected rivers – the Semarang and Baru rivers, says Joko Rusmani.

“And now, water coming from upstream will be stored in retention ponds to be pumped out,” he says. “So what used to be flowing gravitationally, we changed to a pumping system.”

He says the retention ponds can hold 130,000 cubic meters (m3), while the pumping station has a total capacity of moving 35 m3 per second, or 126,000 m3/hour. Reliability is absolutely critical. “Given that we now rely on pumping, we expect the pumps to be able to work 24 hours non-stop, to always function properly and to be maintained well, so that whenever we need it, water can be pumped into the ocean with no malfunction,” he says.

项目组选择了格兰富KPL使用相似类型泗水和雅加达泵泵由于以往的经验 - 18luck手机客户端下载和那些已为十余年来运行可靠,他说。

“Because the pumps have huge capacities and were the biggest ones in Indonesia at the time, we asked for support from Grundfos headquarters in Denmark,” says Joko. “We made sure that the spare parts will be available locally for the next 15 years.”

Since the pumping station went online in 2014, it has functioned as expected, says Nur Wahid, Operations Manager. During the dry season, the on-site crew operates the pumps for an hour or two a day as needed to keep the drainage pond at its proper level and conduct daily maintenance on the pumps. “Thankfully, these pumps are very easy to operate. So whenever it rains, we can start the system right away,” Nur Wahid says.

The outcome




Joko says, “The Semarang pumping station solved the flooding problem for the central part of Semarang city. It can be used as an example or model to be applied in similar areas. We are proud because this has offered a solution and has been appreciated, and it sets an example for others. Many municipal governments in Indonesia facing the same problems have paid a visit to our retention ponds to study how they can tackle the same problems in a way that applies to their cities.”


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Joko Rusmani, Consultant, Ministry For Public Works and Housing in Indonesia







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